Robust 6-meter drilling rig with 5-tonne lifting capacity and the powerful HARDAB Top Drive.


BESTSELLER: Made For Larger Gothermal Drilling Sites, Where Drilling Speed Is Everything.

From huge commercial geothermal energy jobs with dozens of bore holes to residential jobs at the where compactness with minimal site disturbance is key.

HARDAB’s drilling rigs can be found working all around the globe, delivering the power and reliability, you have come to expect.

HARDAB geothermal and water well drilling rigs are designed from the ground and up for the method. Mounted on a crawler track platform with high ground clearance or as a skid for mounting on a truck. Our drill rigs can be delivered with a control panel with hydraulic valves or a radio-controlled system.

HARDAB’s new iQDrill information system with a large 12” screen and 5-year device factory warranty offer the driller with drill speed, rotation speed, current drill depth & many more HARDAB exclusive features.

John Deere 4045

Get all the power you need for your most challenging tasks thanks to the 74 kW wastegated turbo-charged John Deere® engine. The engine give your drill rig reliable unbeatable power. It is designed for high performance and maximum efficiency, doing the job while keeping fuel consumption low.


Thanks to the wastegated turbocharger, the engine develop more airflow at lower engine speeds to improve low-speed torque. The wastegate control device bleeds off a portion of the exhaust flow at higher engine speeds. Wastegated turbos deliver improved transient response and higher peak torque without compromising engine envelope size. They also provide the lowest installed cost across a given power range.


John Deere has billions of hours of field experience with off-highway diesel engine technologies and launched many of its engines ahead of EPA and EU deadlines, and is ready to meet Stage V emissions regulations using proven diesel particulate filter (DPF) solutions.  John Deere engineers continue to employ a global network of technical resources and the latest technology to lower emissions while improving performance and fluid efficiency.


Comes installed with a HARDAB engineered variable-speed fan driven air cooler for improved fuel economy and reduced noise levels.


Equipped with a new faster engine control unit (ECU) that manages both the engine and the after-treatment system. With four times the memory, twice the RAM and double the processing speed.

HARDAB Top Drive

At the heart of every drilling rig is the top drive. In every HARDAB sits a work of art made from Swedish quality steel.

The robust construction gives you an unprecedented part lifetime.

The base is plasma cut and then CNC milled for over 40 hours to meet our standards.


HARDAB top drives comes with the following specs:

#1: max torque nm 4995 / 2498 (5K)
#2: max torque nm 6345 / 3173 (7K)
#3: max torque nm 7920 / 3960 (10K)
#4: max torque nm 8730 / 4635

You are free to upgrade as you will.


Here are the key specifications for this product model. Want more details? Download the brochure or contact us.

Top Drive Torque

4280 Nm

Top Drive Speed

0-110 RPM

Diesel Engine Power

74 kW

Total Length

4800 mm

Total Width

2270 mm


8900 kg

Feed Force

25 kN

Pull Force

50 kN

Max Hydraulic Oil Flow

340 L/min


Tested to the limit, and then some more.

You can be rest assured that HARDAB’s Patented Rod Handling System is the best you can get from a rod handling system.

How it works?

It’s simple:

  • Tilt & Load

    Rods are loaded for drilling by tilting the rod basket until a rod falls in the arm and claws close, securing the rod.

  • Lift & Drill

    A simple motion upwards, aligning the rod with the top drive and you are ready for drilling.

With HARDAB Patented Rod Handling System it is that fast and easy. You can even use it as a support to help with the casing. Using a rod handling system is fundamental for a modern drilling business – saving the drillers body, drilling faster and a safer operation – all contribute to more profitable drilling.



Learn what some of the features of this drilling rig are.

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If you are planning on drilling geothermal energy at smaller drill sites like for family houses, HARDAB 3-meter drilling rigs can be the right choice.


More power: With the HARDAB 7K3 you can lift up to 7 tonnes of drill pipes.


More power: With the HARDAB 7K3 you can lift up to 7 tonnes of 6-meter drill pipes – making your operations the one to call for larger projects. 

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